September 2014 Rally - GEAR Rally

Dates: September 24-28, 2014

Location: Asheville, NC


Campground: NC Agriculture Center

The 23rd GEAR Rally was held September 24 – 28th at the Western North Carolina Agriculture Center in Asheville. We had three coaches there – Betty Ketron, the Matthews’ and the Crabtree’s. This is a great facility, easy access, level, paved parking and easy access to all the events. There were approximately 360 coaches attending, with 65 new coaches to view and more than 60 vendors to offer you just about anything you could want to facilitate your RV’ing lifestyle.

In addition there were 58 seminars and events spread over the five days so if anyone got bored or felt they had nothing to do, it was their own fault. On top of that, there was an ice cream social, line dancing lessons, a golf outing, and three nights of outstanding entertainment. Speaking personally, it was the best GEAR Rally I have ever attended. And it will be there next year – October 13 – 18, 2015 - SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!

I tried to take in as many seminars as possible and there were some really good ones this year. My two favorite, and most informative, were a “Fireside Chat” by Freightliner that gave a lot of tips about the care and maintenance of the Freightliner Chassis, and a seminar on “How To Use Your Exit Window In A Fire” that really made you think about not only how you get out of your present coach but what to look for if you are considering a new one. Ask Gene what he and Judy learned at that seminar.

Gene and I also got to play in the golf tournament and play a tough but fun course and meet some fellow duffers. Great time. Evelyn and Judy took several crafting classes and Betty renewed acquaintances with the security staff at the Rally (ask her about that).

If you have never been to a GEAR Rally you need to consider going next year. It will be our monthly camp out for October and perhaps Carol and Paul can work us up an extension Rally to tag on to it. Ask Gene, Judy, Betty or Evelyn. I think they will agree it was well worth the time and expense.

Reported by Dave Crabtree
National Director