August 2015 Rally

Dates: August 14-16, 2015

Location: Galax, VA

Hosts: Deni Dillon and Kamal Rojiani

Campground: Cool Breeze

The August rally, held at the Cool Breeze Campground in Galax, VA, and hosted by Deni and Kamal Rojiani, was a huge success, with great wine, great food and even greater company (thirteen attendees). One coach arrived on Wednesday, with four more coaches arriving on Thursday and two more on Friday for a total of seven coaches. Unfortunately, Gene and Judy had to leave early due to Judy’s health issues. Good news is that she is home and doing much better. GET WELL, JUDY - we miss you (Gene, too).

The truth of the matter is, we all believe Gene was afraid Timm would beat him in golf! Also, for those who are superstitious, Gene and Judy arrived on the 13th, parked in lot 13, and probably realized that if they stayed, there would be a total of 13 attendees all weekend! But then who ís superstitious?!

Forget the fact that Timm & Sharon broke half the contents of their kitchen cupboard turning the corner, and Deni & Kamal left their gas cap at the gas station. At least no major breakdowns this trip for anyone!

The group went sight-seeing in downtown Galax; attended the farmers market; had lunch at the brewery; and a great dinner at Bogey's restaurant, followed by great friendship around the campfire while we ate S’Mores.

One highlight of the trip was wine tasting at the Mt. Vale vineyard, followed by a potluck lunch at the winery, and a mid-afternoon presentation of the Tattletale RV security system.

For Saturday dinner, Deni and Kamal served creole chicken with plenty of corn-on-the-cob, green beans, fruit and rolls. And not surprisingly, Feliza provided a wonderful dessert made of cream cheese and pineapple, along with chocolate molten-lava cupcakes. To top off a great weekend, we all had a fun time playing card bingo.

Attendees included Deni and Kamal Rojiani, Judy and Gene Mathews, Betty and Rex Monroe, Carol and Paul Melton, Debbie Robbins and Neil Strong, Sharon and Timm Seaman, and Feliza Jones.

Future Goal: Get more members to participate in these great outings!

Submitted by Timm Seaman