July 2015 Rally

Dates: July 24-26, 2015

Location: Powhtan, VA

Hosts: Betty Franklin and Rex Monroe

Campground: Cozy Acres

Again, we had a great rally. Rex Monroe and Betty Franklin hosted the July rally. There was no shortage of great food. Thank you Rex and Betty. The campground was clean and included a great fish fry on Saturday night. It was close to wineries, golf, site-seeing and shopping. Attendees did all of those activities and added a garage sale to the mix as well—fun fun. Gene and Timm played golf and had a great time.

The best part of our rallies is always our 5:00 o’clock somewhere wine time and Felizia’s outstanding desserts that she always surprises us with.

Thank goodness we have observant members of our club—Timm noted the Matthews’ coach had an expired license plate of several months!! Needless to say part of their day was spent at the DMV! Thank you Timm.

Bob Ellett who saved us during our July rally with the use of his battery charger, came to Cozy Acres only to go back home with electrical problems. Hope you got that fixed without major problems, Bob.

I think this is the year for a round of coach problems. Timm and Sharon spent hours trying to get into their coach after the door throw broke and wouldn’t open. Even the locksmith had trouble had to finally bend the door to get it open. Misty, their dog, was in the coach wondering why they wouldn’t let her out to enjoy all the company they had outside!! A new lock assembly was in the picture the next day for the Seamans.

At the July rally Neil Strong and Debbie Robbins had trouble with their slides. Since the coach was at the repair station, we missed their company during this rally. Hope to see you at Galax!

Attendees: Paula and Glenn Anglin, Betty Franklin and Rex Monroe, Felicia Jones, Carol and Paul Melton, Sharon and Tim Seaman, Deni Dillon and Kamal Rojiani, Vicki and Bob Ellett, Sherree and Baynard Barton and Judy and Gene Matthews.

Submitted by Judy Matthews