May 2015 Rally

Dates: May 15-17, 2015

Location: Waynesboro, VA

Hosts: Timm and Sharon Seaman and Betty Ketron

Campground: 340 North

We had our May Rally at 340 North Campground in Waynesboro. It was hosted by Timm and Sharon Seaman. The campground was nice with full hookups and a pavillion for all our activities. There was a giant black bear guarding the office. We might have been too scared to check in, if we hadn't realized it was a statue. (Just kidding).

We all arrived by dinner on Friday night. There were 8 coaches and 16 attendees, all ready for a fun weekend. We started it off with happy hour, or as Timm called it, Cocktail hour. I would call it wine o'clock. But whatever we call it, it was a time to relax and reconnect. Dinner was enjoyed at Gavid's Steak House. It was steak and seafood house with a salad bar that was more than a salad bar. Those of us who were smart ordered just the bar. The rest of us ate way too much. I will not name names, since I was not one of the smart ones. The food was good and the company was even better.

I'm glad to say that Gene had the coffee ready by 7:30am both mornings. Tim and Sharon gave us a tasty breakfast, and then we were off to do our own thing. Kamal and I went to three wineries on my quest to visit every VA winery. The rest of the group continued fellowshipping around the campground, or did some shopping around Waynesboro.

After another relaxing Happy Hour, dinner was smoked barbecue pork, done by Timm, and barbecue chicken, done by Sharon. We ate at the pavilion. It was very good. Most of us called it a night after dinner, but Timm, Kamal, and Tyler decided to visit the racetrack next to the campground. They must have had a great time, because Kamal called me at 9:30 and said they wouldn't be back until 11:00. I asked if they were having fun, and Kamal said "it's great, there was a 4 car wreck and the ambulance just left!"

Sunday breakfast was cooked by Betty's daughter and delivered by her son-in-law. Two delicious egg casseroles and some scones that were exceptional. Timm gave devotions extolling us to rest on Sunday and not give in to all the busyness in our lives. Great advice, I hope to follow it.

In short, for those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you, and you missed a wonderful weekend.

Submitted by Deni Dillon