August 2016 Rally

Dates: August 19-21, 2016

Location: New Market, VA

Hosts: Rex Monroe and Betty Franklin

Campground: Endless Caverns RV Resort

To our August rally weekend hosts - Applause! Applause! Thank you Betty and Rex for a great weekend. Was this the first Rally weekend this year we hadn't had a drop of rain? But the shirt didn't stay dry as it was hot and very humid and those gnats was a nuisance. Heard they had three storms come by Wednesday so guess that is why the roads were like a roller coaster.

We had 12 coaches rallying. Those attending were: Rex and Betty (our hosts), Dennis and Barbara, Kamal and Deni, Paul and Carol, Bill and Cheryl, Ralph and Pat, John and Rhoda, Neil and Debbie, Timm and Sharon, Gene and Judy, Karen, then there was me too, Feliza. Randy (Gene and Judy son) plus Janelle joined us for dinner on Saturday. Randy stayed overnight and joined us for Sunday breakfast.

Most came in Thursday and the stragglers followed in on Friday. Heard some had gone golfing but don't know the story of how things went. After our "Happy Hour" with great snacks and ono poo poo (what we call in Hawaii), we car pooled to Dans' Restaurant for dinner. Our one waitress did a great job taking care 22 of us.

Saturday breakfast was as usual plentiful and delicious. With this group we never go hungry. Before breakfast watched someone look into every outside cabinet of Gene and Judy's coach, not once but twice till Dallas alerted Judy someone was messing outside! Ha, Rex got caught. Guess he was looking for the coffee pots as Gene was already gone for the day. Oh and, Rex, you can't make coffee without filters. Ha, ha!

Later a lot went touring the Endless Caverns and some stayed at the campground gathering at one site or another, reading and happily snoozed. Oh, I missed a great wine tasting (so I was told). Well, you better believe I won't miss the next one, Paul and Carol (hopefully I'll be in better shape).

Neil and Debbie heard loud droppings on their coach roof Saturday night, so Debbie (won't mention she said what she was wearing ) investigated and found nuts had fallen off the tree that was over their coach. Don't know who else tried the swimming pool but saw Debbie and Neil going for it.

It's 5o'clock, so all gathered at the clubhouse for "happy hour"; then another yummy/great dinner. Had a short meeting after, then Birthday and Anniversary cake, again Happy 44th Anniversary Gene and Judy, and many, many more!!!!

Sunday breakfast was no exception - Delicious. Followed with devotions by our host Betty. Another outstanding rally. Hope to see all at Misty Mountain; but if not, at another gathering. Got to say my "Aloha" to most but not Dennis and Barbara, they were gone before I could get to them. Got to Paul's coach just in time to see him get a shower (woo hoo). Until the next rally!! ALOHA

Submitted by Feliza