December 2016 Christmas Lunheon

Date: December 10, 2016

Location: 300 Churchville Avenue, Staunton VA

Hosts: Dave Crabtree and Karen Lohr

2016 Annual Cardinal Virginian’s Christmas Luncheon
The 2016 Annual Christmas Luncheon took place at NOW YOU’RE COOKING in Staunton, VA on Saturday, Dec 10th. We began gathering at 11:30. Dave Crabtree welcomed the group and commented that only two people were wearing nametags… ok it’s only 25 cents! He also welcomed and introduced new members Milton and Barbara Hathaway. Bill gave the prayer and our delicious meal was served at 12:00.

Following the meal our new president, Judy Matthews presented gene Matthews with a beautifully embroidered jacket honoring his past service as President of the chapter from 2011-2016. Gene announced that there had been some trouble with the DC VA office’s bureaucracy and his daughter-in-law was transferred to the Martinsburg, VA office; therefore, the coats that we collected will be given to the Veterans in the Martinsburg area. As a reminder, Betty has the rally schedule for 2017 so if you have any questions or changes please contact her.

Karen directed the gift exchange. Although we were given the opportunity to trade gifts, everyone seemed happy with the gift they received.

Dave presented some door prizes for various categories of winners, and then we said our goodbyes. Some will be headed for warmer climates this winter but we all look forward to seeing each other again in the Spring.

		Christmas 2016

There were 25 attendees:
Baynard and Sherree Barton
Bill and Cheryl Brown
Dave Crabtree
Mel and Barbara Hathaway
Feliza Jones
Karen and Janelle Lohr
Gene and Judy Matthews
Paul and Carol Melton
Rex Monroe, Betty Franklin and Virginia Monroe
Rick and Cindy Roberson
Kamal Rojiani and Deni Dillon
Dennis and Barbara Sarmento
Timm and Sharon Seaman

A big thank you to Karen Lohr and Dave Crabtree for the great job of co-hosting this fine event!

Respectfully submitted, Cheryl Brown