June 2017 Rally

Dates: June 8 - 11, 2017

Location:Marion, VA

Hosts: Bartons/Browns

Campground: Hungry Mother State Park

E_X_C_E_L_L_E_N_T describes our June rally at Hungry Mother State Park hosted by Sherree & Baynard Barton and Cheryl and Bill Brown. With many arrivals on Thursday, we were able to get an early start on “conviviality” and happy hour, and to prepare ourselves for an exciting weekend of fun, music. games and high-flying shenanigans. While Dave, his Grandson Austin, Gene, Judy and Timm played golf on Friday morning, the rest of the group enjoyed the area around Marion, VA, including hiking, touring downtown and imbibing in the local wine and moonshine.

Friday afternoon, we gathered again for happy time together and spent part of the afternoon teaching David and Judy the fine art of playing croquet (Judy came from behind and won one of the games while David was ”interacting” with the other players). Evening dinner was at the State Park restaurant where we shared tales of the day’s events and enjoyed a great meal together.

Saturday began on a bright and early note with breakfast provided by the hosts, followed by the business meeting. The afternoon was spent by the “few and the brave” on a “high” note doing the Hungry Mother zip lines, one of which is almost 200 feet above the canyon floor! Saturday happy hour and dinner pretty much ran together as the hosts provided catered BBQ pork and chicken with all the fixings. Excellent music was provided throughout the evening by the bluegrass group Jackson Ferry starring Sherree and Baynard’s daughter, Sarah, her husband, Jeremy, and their friends, David, Becky, Brian and Jack. Feliza provided the wonderful desserts including Lemon Lush cake (not lemon lust as heard by some!), Cookie Monster cupcakes for Baynard, and special cupcakes for Sharon and Timm’s 44th Anniversary.

Sunday morning was another wonderful breakfast provided by the hosts, followed by morning devotions led by Bill Brown who provided a very interesting presentation on the history of the Ten Commandments and why there were two separate stone tablets. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and reluctantly everyone had to say their good byes and go their separate ways. But all had a great time and are looking forward to more great rallies in the future!

In addition to the hosts, rally-goers at Hungry Mother included David and Austin Crabtree, Cheryl and Bill Brown, John and Robbie Davis, Feliza Jones, David and Joyce Martin, Gene and Judy Matthews, Paul and Carol Melton, Dennis and Barbara Sarmento, Timm and Sharon Seaman, Neal Strong and Debbie Robbins, and John and Patty Nichols. Happy Trails to All!

Rally writeup by Timm Seaman

June 2017 Rally Attendees

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June 2017 
	Rally Attendees

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