September 2017 Rally

Dates: September 8-19, 2017

Location: Branson and Memphis

Hosts: Bowers and Meltons

Campgrounds: Various (Branson Adventure)

Our Branson adventure started on Friday, September 8 at the Fort Chiswell Campground. We went to dinner, tucked in for the night and made ready to leave early Saturday morning. After a day of steady driving, we pulled into the Crossville, Tn. Campground. We settle in and tuck in to dinner. After dinner we are ready to rest up for the next day. Each campground has been stellar. The weather has been absolutely perfect for driving, so far. Even the traffic has co-operated.

We are into Sunday and nearing Nashville, Tn. A football game is going to kick off at noon, and adjustments are made to avoid the traffic. (Some followed said instructions, some didn’t.) We shall remain nameless. After that kerfuffle, we got back to serious driving. What a pleasure, since that nasty ole hurricane was causing trouble in Florida. We got to go over the Ohio and the Mississippi rivers!!! I seem to have blocked the white-knuckle experience out. Two land only steel bridge-narrow- and meeting transfer trucks that caused some of us to scrub our tires and scratch our coaches!

When we pulled into Hinton RV Park we all were extremely glad we had survived. On to dinner at Lambert’s, home of the “throwed roll”. My goodness, what a treat! Good atmosphere, good food, and a lot of it! It was a fun place. Monday, September 11 is our arrival day in Branson. Hurray!! We check in and go to dinner.


Tuesday, we rode a train that went into Arkansas and back. Very nostalgic. We had dinner at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner. It was retro inside and the wait staff sang songs. Our guy was the best. He had a lot of CD’s and some folks purchased them. Then on to the Haygood's Concert and Shows. Young, energetic, talented and worth every penny.

Wednesday, we had the day to explore. Some of us went for a ride on DUCKS. These were amphibious vehicles used in war time for travel on land and water. Dinner was catered/take-out from “Getting Basted”. Really good food!! Then on to the production of “Moses”. Boy, when they call this a Sight and Sound Theatre they ain’t messin’ around. These folks utilized the front and both sides of the auditorium, plus animals, and people on wires!! Wow, what a production!!!! And what a powerful story!

Thursday, the morning is our own. Diner Cruise and a show on the “Branson Belle” for the evening. The boat show was great entertainment, not a fancy with lights and tricks, but good solid entertainment. Good clean fun and the food wasn’t bad either.

Friday started out as a lovely day, and then eventually took a turn toward the dark side. Coaches got separated, got stuck in a 4 hour traffic jam on I 40, got lost in the dark. Good Night nurse!! What would this adventure be without a little adversity? Right?

Well, I must say we all came through each one’s adversity brilliantly… some had troubles during our trip with braking systems and pieces falling off of their coach, missing turns, air conditioners failing and getting lost. Everyone kept a cool head and persevered!

Saturday, we head into Memphis for a walking tour, to walk the streets that Elvis walked and so, so many other artists.

Saturday morning: The sun rise was beautiful! Right here beside that “rolling river”. What a glorious planet we live on!

The guide for our walking tour was very interesting and informative. We say the famous Peabody Hotel “DUCKS” make their walk into the hotel from their residence on the roof of the hotel into the water in the fountain. This happens each day at 11:00 am. Beautiful hotel!!! We ended our tour with lunch.

Sunday, we have Graceland left and a tour of its facilities. Personally, I am so excited!!!

Sunday is a beautiful day! Lots of people touring the house and grounds of Graceland. Elvis was famous, but he was a very grateful and philanthropic person as well.

Thanks so very much to our trail bosses Steve and Lynn Bowers. We all arrived safe and sound. Many thanks to Paul and Carol Melton, Co-hosts who found so many wonderful things for us to do.

So, until we meet again, stay safe, healthy and prosperous! Happy Trails!

Submitted by Patty Nichols

September 2017 Rally