December 2018 Christmas Lunheon

Date: December 8, 2018

Location: 300 Churchville Avenue, Staunton VA

Hosts: Karen Lohr

We had a great Christmas Luncheon on Saturday December 8th at Now You are Cooking in Staunton. As usual, Brent Hizey and his staff prepared a wonderful meal. We also collected a bunch of cans of food for the local Food Pantry in lieu of exchanging gifts amongst ourselves.

On a more serious note, Filiza gave each "coach" a beautiful scarf and Baynard made everyone his trademark "penny holder" tree ornament. Thanks to Feliza, Baynard

Thanks to all who came and to Karen Lohr for her hard work in making this a special event.

Come on spring, we are ready to go camping!!!

Submitted by Kamal Rojiani

Christmas Luncheon Attendees

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