April 2019 Rally

Dates: April 24-28, 2019

Location: Baddett, VA

Hosts: David and Joyce Martin

Campground: Philpot Campground

This past weeks rally at Philpot Campground was a fun filled 5 days. I for one, was so glad to be together again with our old and new friends. David and Joyce Martin out did themselves as hosts. The first day some of us went to look for Fairy Stones in the stream and some of us came back with a bag full. Then it was time to google how to clean them to see what was inside. Friday night we went to see Mama Mia ! at Patrick Henry Community College. That was so much fun to see and hear! The cast did a wonderful job in their presentation.

We were able to have an informative lecture from the Park Rangers about how the Philpot Dam was built, the function it performs, and also information on wildlife in the park

The Marinsville Speedway was a phenomenal treat for all of us. We got to be in the VIP Suite and see the track from a bird's eye view. We saw the clock that is given away. Timm Seaman shared information of the way the scoring was kept that he helped to design. We then went downstairs to the track and got a ride around on it in a pace car. Wohoo!! Got to be a kid again!

The Piedmont Arts Gallery was a wonderful collection of Art I would never have guessed to be in Martinsville.

The Virginia Museum of Natural History was a show stopper! The director of the museum gave us a private behind the scenes tour that was simply fantastic. How the displays were formed and made was so interesting. The food each night was outstanding!! The pot lucks were so delicious, and the breakfasts were wonderful as well. There was one (who shall remain nameless) that had to be put in timeout because he just had to be first in line. Ha, Ha, Ha. Oh you just have to love um!

These two went over and beyond to feed and please all of us. The outdoor movie of RV with Robin Williams was the perfect touch! This was just so much fun... and we were the only ones there!!!

Those attending were David and Joyce Martin, Timm and Sharon Seaman, Bob and Sherry Sonnessa, Dennis and Barbara Sarmento, Bill and Cheryl Brown, Baynard and Sherree Barton, John and Patty Nichols, Rex and Betty Monroe, Gene and Judy Matthews, Tim and Donna Handy. Paul and Carol Melton came up for the evening.

On Sunday morning our hosts again outdid themselves by cooking up for us a great breakfast of pancakes and bacon. After breakfast Cindy led a brief devotional and we adjourned, cleaned up the Rally Room, said our good-byes, and then departed for our various homes.

PS.1. Dave and Evelyn arrived in style, sporting a beautiful (new to them) tag-axle Entegra Anthem. They opened up their new rig for tours and we responded with some “oohs and ahs” while congratulating them on their new acquisition!

PS.2. Several members met and discussed/kicked-around additional suggestions/ideas for our upcoming 25Th Anniversary Rally which we will be celebrating in June at the Misty Mountain Campground. The planning is going well; it should be a memorable event!