June 2019 Rally

Dates: June 21 - 23, 2019

Location: Greenwood (Crozet), VA

Hosts: Schoeop and Strong and Robbins

Campground: Misty Mountain Campground

Cardinal Virginians gathered at Misty Mountain Campground for the June 21-23 rally. John and Rhoda Schoepf, Debbie Strong, and Neil Robbins did a great job hosting.

Members who arrived on Thursday had an impromptu happy hour followed by a variety of dinner options, including Crozet Pizza and meals in motorcoacheslebration and participated in the events throughout the weekend and 8 additional guests came for the dinner.

Friday's activities began with happy hour in the clubhouse and dinner in a private room at the Aberdeen Barn. What a wonderful evening of good conversation, lots of laughter, and delicious food.

Friday began with three activities based on interests. A large group of 10 went on a chauffeured tour of local wineries and Bold Rock Cidery and a much smaller group played golf. The tournament comprised of two golf die hards—Gene Matthews and Timm Seaman, and the remaining group “relaxed”. I know the wine tour was a great hit as they hardly got back in time to enjoy “happy hour”—or was it that happy hour started three hours earlier on the road?

A build-your-own breakfast burrito bar kicked off Saturday's activities. Attendees explored the Crozet area on their own on Friday and Saturday. (Crozet Pizza, visiting a monastery to purchase yummy gouda cheese, sandwiches from Greenwood Store, antique shop, wineries, Chile’s Orchard, etc.) Happy Hour was followed by tender and delicious grilled chicken and steak. Covered dishes provided by attendees completed the main meal. There must have been a sale on broccoli as there were about seven broccoli dishes! The healthy dishes were cancelled out by ice cream from Homestead Creamery and a lemon dessert by Feliza. Desserts were heavenly!

Timm Seaman had asked David Martin to conduct a business meeting in his absence. As there was little official business to conduct, he talked about the minor change to the bylaws regarding our area and region. (Motion passed.) Benefits of joining FMCA were discussed for the benefit of our guests. Of course there was laughter and fun during the “official” meeting.

A continental breakfast was enjoyed by all on Sunday morning. Neil provided devotions comparing our lives to an ocean

Participants tried hard to be on their best behavior during the rally because we had four guests in our midst. Our efforts must have been successful as Steve and Jeanie Miller and Reid and Ellen Kuder decided to become Cardinal Virginians. Hooray!

The June rally was attended by Neil Robbins, Debbie Strong, John and Rhoda Schoepf, Feliza Jones, Paul and Carol Melton, Karen and Janelle Lohr, Baynard and Sherree Barton, Dennis and Barbara Sarmento, David and Joyce Martin, and guests Steve and Jeanie Miller, and Reid and Ellen Kuder.

Rally writeup by Joyce Martin