December 2021 Christmas Lunheon

Date: December 11, 2021

Location: Staunton VA

Hosts: Robbie Davis & Judy Matthews

Our 2021 Christmas Luncheon was held on December 11 in Staunton at the Fellowship Hall of Christ Lutheran Church, hosted by Robbie Davis and Judy Matthews, with help from husbands John and Gene. The meal included Chicken Marsalis, Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, and dessert. The meal was catered by Sarah and Eric Blackwell. We had Christmas music quietly playing in the background, but it wasn’t heard by many as everyone was enjoying visiting and catching up on thelatest news. We were disappointed that Steve and Lynn Bowers and Timm and Sharon Seaman planned to attend but had to cancel at the last minute.

Those in attendance in addition to the hosts were: Bill and Cheryl Brown, Baynard and Sherree Barton, Rex Monroe and Betty Franklin, Tim and Donna Handy, Gary and Jane Lambert, Paul and Carol Melton, Kamal Rojiani, and Feliza Jones. Feliza won the door prize provided by the Lamberts which was indeed appropriate as we also honored Feliza for her recent milestone birthday. BTW, as most of you know, Feliza is also our most active founding member. In addition to our regular members, Bill Jackson, a prospective member, and friend of Gary’s, joined us the occasion.

After the meal we had a short business meeting and decided to move forward with the purchase of a smaller canopy for use at our future rallies. After a short discussion attendees agreed that it would be much easier for each of us who are coffee-drinkers to bring their own coffee (or drink of choice) to breakfast. Thus, we will dispense with providing CV coffee pots at future rallies. That way rally hosts/co-hosts have one less thing to transport and so they also won’t have to be worrying about who will have the coffee pots for the next rally.

Baynard brought the 2022 rally planning board, and, great news, we now have all the available spots filled! As it stands, our April and June rallies will be during-the- week/weekday rallies (another item discussed during the business meeting). If you were not present and wish to help host for a rally, please contact either the host or Baynard to sign up as a co-host. For your reference, the 2022 Rally schedule is elsewhere in the Newsletter.