July 2022 Rally

Dates: July 13-17, 2022

Location:Lewisburg, WV


Campground:Lancaster Event Center

Bill and Cheryl joined Gary and Jane in Lewisburg WV for this year’s 13 – 17 July Great Eastern Area Rally (GEAR). The Eastern Area had approximately 190 RVs in attendance; not as many as we had hoped would be there but considering GEAR had been cancelled the past 2 years due to COVID, it was not a bad “re-start.”

Gary and I served as volunteer Activity Cart drivers, and the ladies joined us at various times during our 4-hour shifts on each of the 3 days that we served as golf-cart drivers. Jane also served as a seminar volunteer, meaning she assisted the seminar leader by distributing and collecting seminar feedback forms.

Because all of us were “volunteers,” we arrived on 11 July and departed on 17 July. BTW – In case you didn’t know, “volunteers” at FMCA Area and National Rallies/Conventions get anywhere from 1 to 3 or more extra days’ stay at no additional charge as a way of saying “thank-you” for being a volunteer, and there are many “volunteer positions” available.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the Activity Cart-type volunteer position because you get to meet people and chat with them as you shuttle them around from place to place at the venue.

This year’s GEAR featured informative seminars, various vendor representatives, and 3 nights of great evening entertainment.

GEAR 2023 is scheduled to be in Lewisburg, WV, from October 4th – October 7th.

Rally Writeup by Jane Lambert