October 2022 Rally

Dates: October 20-23, 2022

Location: Huddelson, VA

Hosts: Bartons and Handys

Campground: Smith Mountain Lake State Park

Smith Mountain State Park Huddleston, VA was a fantastic fall rally. The Park was draped with fall colors and cool crisp mornings. The weekend had plenty of sunshine for the 11 Motor Coaches and the 21 owners who attended: The Seamans, Monroes, Strong and Robbins, Nichols, Melton, Browns, Schoepfs, Davis and Kamal Rojiani. Many thanks to our hosts: Bartons and Handys for planning and organizing the rally.

The majority of the group arrived Thursday to enjoy an early start to the rally. Our hosts had the two tents with the Cardinal Virginians banner and the tables set up with a welcoming campfire. After setting up our RV’s we informally gathered for our first libation of the rally and shared snacks and conversation.

During the rally, the host site #38 was the gathering place to meet and plan for Friday’s & Saturday’s free day of activities. Friday night at 5 O'Clock Happy Hour was the first formal gathering at the host site where stories were shared “how we spent the day” (relaxing, reading, shopping, wine tasting, trouble shooting, walking & visiting),.
Friday night we all enjoyed the delicious hot meal of home made chicken Gnocchi soup, beef & turkey chilies, chicken quesadillas and fresh bread. We also had Broccoli Cheese soup made by Robbie Davis. Key lime pie and whiskey spoon bread for dessert. The evening ended with s'mores by the fire.

Saturday was a repeat of Friday more fellowship at the Cardinal Virginia Host site. Betty Monroe discovered the Osprey 10K race /5K race-walk was taking place in the park and inspired Debbie Robbins to join her Saturday. They completed the 10K walk in the park by 11:00am just in time to get back to the host site for informal planned afternoon activities. The majority of the group set out to the SML Bridge for lunch at Moose's and some local shopping. Another smaller group traveled to the Emerson Creek Potter Sale. The Ruben sandwich was a hit with the lunch crowed and the pottery shoppers came back with real dog dish deals- Just ask Carol. Saturday. Happy Hour time to enjoy a favorite beverage and a variety of hors-d’oeuvre and recap the days events.

Our hosts served wonderful warm pulled chicken and smoked pork where you could pick your own BBQ sauce. The meal was accompanied by individual side dishes provide by those attending. Cheese cake for dessert with a variety of flavors. Pumpkin Spice was a taste of fall flavor. Chocolate to pair with the raspberry wine which we did not open because we were too full.

All during the weekend we socialized with each other. During the day we visited one another’s RV sites to see the new coach and get a tour, help diagnose an issue or meet the new furry family members.

Sunday morning was another opportunity to get together for Tim’s hot griddle pancakes and locally sourced Bedford pork & turkey sausages. The devotions given by Bill Brown reminded us all to God’s amazing grace. We are all individuals with different backgrounds with one thing in common Faith. We all have a different lens on how we look at things and perceive things.If we keep God in focus we will be OK.

As a personal note it was so very good to see everyone who attended this rally because it has been a long time since Neil and I have been able join a rally with the group. During the rally we learned of others personal losses: loss of family members, loss of health, loss of beloved pets and upcoming medical procedures. We also learned of personal resilience that brought everyone to attend the weekend rally.

Please, never forget we are a kind and generous group. The Park Camp hosts Terry and Janet Duckworth, wrote a personal Hallmark- Thank You card and hand delivered it to our Cardinal Virginia Host for just delivering to them a few bowls of soup. The reason they come back to volunteer was just a small gesture of kindness from our group. You all are wonderful in all your own talents that you gracefully share with the Cardinal Virginians

Rally Report Submitted by Debbie